Our team has been active in the field of innovation
in public education in Romania for seven years.

WE PROMOTE RESEARCH, INVESTIGATION AND EXPERIMENT in the education system by guiding science teachers to change their way of working with students and by showing to decision-makers that the skills developed by the new way of teaching are really to the benefit of children. We focus on research and innovation in education and we refine our working tools constantly. We then make them available to our teachers.


PROACTIVELY with all those concerned about the impact to scientific literacy at micro and macro levels in society. We document Romanian experiences and those of other countries; we publish analyses and technical reports; examples of good practice from countries that have already achieved successful reforms of public education; impact studies and rigorous analyses carried out by international bodies with expertise. We actively communicate and collaborate with teachers and other stakeholders interested in the public education system: NGOs, decision-makers, experts or the business community.


PUBLIC POLICIES designed to reduce the percentage of scientific illiterate students in Romania; we develop and run programs; we offer technical solutions documented for both curricular strategies for the exact sciences and school assessment/management.


WE ARE AIMING TO GENERATE irreversible changes with measurable impact in the public education system. The seven years of experience with the “PHYSICS DIFFERENT” program confirmed two premises: that changing the way teachers teach in the classroom is possible – we have already prepared, assisted and supported 2.000 of the around 4.500 physics teachers in Romania – and that the transition to inquiry based learning has a measurable impact on student educational outcomes.

LASTLY everything that we do in the short/medium term is meant to increase scientific literacy among Romanian students by transforming the education system. In the long run, our goal is to have a more competitive Romania.