Through its projects, the Centre for Evaluation and Educational Analysis
aims at a modern and high quality public education system.


Why do we get involved?

Because the lack of involvement,
especially in education, has disastrous
consequences for all of us.


We transform public education

Teach your pupil to observe the phenomena of nature; you will soon rouse their curiosity.
Let them know not because you told them, but because they learned it for themselves.
(J.J. Rousseau)


Learning through investigation

We have been promoting inquiry based learning in physics since 2011. The approach can now be expanded to other natural sciences.


In a globalized economy based on knowledge, Romania needs a qualified workforce in order to be competitive first and foremost in terms of productivity and innovation. The Centre for Evaluation and Educational Analysis supports investment in the basic education of all children.

Behind the project „Physics Different?” which started 7 years ago, there were the effort and enthusiasm of over 100 people. The result is remarkable.

Physics Lessons
Workbooks for students
Teachers ready to teach physics different


A pupil learns through inquiry whenever faced with a phenomenon, they investigate data and causal relationships and manage to uncover the explanation themselves.


Learning activities based on inquiry, materials to help them apply inquiry learning in the classroom, and an accredited training program.


“I, personally, used my thinking more than maybe in the rest of the week, I learned much more than in any other class.”